Shops in the US worth checking out!

This is a list I am publishing of shops within the US that might be worth checking out. It's not only limited to fabrics but also random stuff that might in interest of the female and/or male reader. Of course this list is far from complete and if you see something missing, please, let me know!!

Fabrics  My absolute favorite shop for buying precuts. Their selection is absolutely amazing. They are specialised in precuts but also offer a decent amount of yardage of each line. And the Daily Deals are a MUST-Check-it-out! Insane discounts!!! Also each order creates an amount of  "Quilters Cash" which can be converted into a coupon that will save you even more.  Ships to mailforwarders.  Despite their scandal with lost credit card informations I decided to make a test order there a couple weeks ago. It seems to be alright. Also you can find coupons for this shop all over the internet. Each order also generate shopping points which can be converted into personal coupons (but you need many of them :P) which save you also money. Only viable for people who order lots. Ships to mailforwarders. Small, but also recommended. They have a huge selection of "Stash builders". They also have this amazing "Stash Stack Club" which I personally love and have subscribed to as of this month. I will post pictures once I have received the first one. The prices are very reasonable, even for international shipping. (Mailforwarding does not really pay off for these, since the shipping is only 6 Dollars more than within the US )  Recommended by a friend, not personally tested yet. Have not tested if they ship to mailforwarders.  cute website with a decent selection of various designers and brands. Worth to check out. Not tested if they ship to mailforwarders.

Make up Recommended by a friend! They do not deliver outside the US but they seem to send to mailforwarding companies (see mailforwarding tab) Crazy discounts worth checking out. They do ship to mailforwarders.  very popular shop to order cosmetics around the shower and bathing care. Ships to mail forwarders.

Lingerie Famous and very popular shop to order underwear, swim wear and Lingerie from. Ships to mail forwarders.

Fashion  Selection of very pretty T-Shirts and more. Ships to mail forwarders.  No introduction needed. Ships to mailforwarders.

Electronics Since Apple store US doesn't deliver internationally nor to freight forwarders, Best buy is a good alternative for electronics. They also have apple products in their sortiment. Worth checking out. 

Attention! Ordering electronics from the US, make sure you can use it without any risk in your own country. There are devices that convert the electronic tension correctly. Make sure you buy one of these and use it before you attach your American device!

Other  Of course we may not forget Amazon!!! Although there are also European departments, they have a variety of electronics which are not available in the old world. The best part is: They do ship to Mail forwarders!!  since most sellers are private persons or small shops they do not care about mail forwarding or not, so they will ship there. Worth checking for bargains!