Mail forwarding


if you live outside the US and you are quilting and/or sewing, ordering US-fabrics or precuts especially shows somehow difficult I have noticed. And since the USPS people are crazy greedy guys who charge HORRENDOUS fees for having something shipped to the old world, I decided to give mailforwarding a try. Having now shipped 4 packages, I can say that I have saved already some Euros. It certainly is not a bad thing :) The registration process is a bit a pain in the butt butt, but once you have uploaded the required documents and made your first deposit of minimum 8.50 USD (that's the mailout fee for the free storage) it's quite easy.

This graphic should show pretty well how easy it is to save money when shipping stuff from the US. You can not only use it for fabrics of course but for any store that for example only ships within the US. Some shops tho do not ship to mail forwarders and cancel orders if the billing adress is a different one than the shipping adress. Some know that certain adresses are mailforwarders adresses. But in most cases it should work. Just try it out :)

The country shown is of course only an example, the savings are all the same. I usually do not consalidate packets since I do not order so much. Also I have to consider Taxes etc. which are often to be paid if the value of the package has a certain value. (Don't forget that postaqe fees count very often towards the taxable amount!!!! I didn't know that and was surprised when I had to pay a huge amount on the shipping fee only!!!!) But otherwise, I think it's a very good service and I gladly use it. Interested? For your own USA address sign up here :)